Shri Venkaiah Swamy
At Kancherla Palem village
of Tenali Rural
in Guntur District
About Ashramam in Kancherla palem village:
Ashramam was established by the disciple( G. Durga Prasad) of Sarva samardha sadhguru Guruvayya swami who was the disciple of shri shri shri sarva samardha sadhguru Venkaiah swamy. I'm regularly going to Shri Venkaiah swamy ashramam at Golagamudi in Nellore district since 1980. Since then I'm devotee of Shri Shri Shri Sarva samardha sadhguru Venkaiah Swamy. I became a disciple of Shri sarva samardha sadhguru Guruvayya swamy. Shri Guruvayya swami is everything for me.

Shri sarava samardh sadhguru Guruvayya swami came to Tenali on October 1st 1998 to Datta Sai Baba Temple in Tenali. Shri Guruvayya swami cmae to Tenali to give Blessings to devotees in and around Tenali. During that time he blessed his holy blessings to Thousands of people. After that shri swamy visted my home and stayed for three days in My village. During that stay Shri Guruvayya Swami told that there would be a new venkaiah swamy ashramam in this village in near future and serve the devottees of Shri shri shri Sarva samardha sadhguruVenkaiah swamy devotees in and around tenali and Guntur district. Shri Guruvayya Swami ordered me to start work for Ashramam in Kancherla palem and went to Nellore.
Location :
The Baghavan Sri Venkaiah swamy ashramam is located in Kancherla palem Main road. Kancherla palem is a small village located in Rural part of Tenali. It is only 4 K.Ms away from the Tenali and situated at Tenali vijayawada Highway. Auto Rikshawas avilable from Tenali Market centre to kancherla Palem village.All the ordinary buses towards Vijayawada, Guntur via Nandivelugu, Kollipara, Hanuman Palem and Managalgiri buses avilable frequently from Tenali Bus stand to Kancherla palem Bridge. It is around 1 KM from the bridge to Shri Venkaih swamy ashramam.